Is your small business engine humming?

For a small business owner, when we are so busy working in the business, it can be difficult to make time to work on the business or even make time for ourselves.

It’s something we see all too often, brilliant business owners doing an amazing job selling their product or providing their service without giving too much consideration to the “engine” of the business. Think of your business as a car, it may have all the bells and whistles, a shiny paint job, an incredibly skilled driver but without giving the engine the attention it requires, over time the car will begin to splutter, maybe have the odd breakdown and in some cases, even cease to run. An engine in a small business is the finances, weekly cash flow, budgeting, bookkeeping, BAS, tax, admin and marketing. Despite our best intentions, even with the most innovative product or incredible service, if we are not giving the necessary attention to our engine, we are bound to hit some road bumps.

This is where a good bookkeeper and accountant can help and really add value. Having a trained professional to manage your entire business accounting requirements can allow you to focus on being in the business while we keep the “engine” humming. We can manage the day to day bookkeeping, BAS lodgements, monthly financial reporting, providing regular analysis & insights, income tax lodgements and tax advisory to help ensure you are maximising your current opportunities.

Oceans Accounting & Advisory offer three monthly accounting packages, Essential, Intermediate and Comprehensive. Follow this link to see what’s included.

If you’re not sure if a monthly package is right for you, we also offer hourly rates.

At Oceans Accounting & Advisory we have a small and very attentive team that genuinely care about every single person and business we work with. Between the 3 of us, we have 35 years experience in providing bookkeeping, accounting, financial reporting, registered BAS agent and tax agent services to small and medium businesses right through to large corporates and multi nationals.

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